PoGo Sunnybank

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Welcome! This is a place to chat and meet with fellow trainers in the Sunnybank area for raids, events and trading. Please treat others with respect and enjoy the game.



Pokemon trainers vary and as such, here are some basic guidelines to help you and others have a enjoyable raid experience.


In Discord, please set the nickname used for the "PoGo Sunnybank" server to your (main) in-game trainer name. (This won't affect your Discord username or nickname on other servers.) You can optionally put your real first name in brackets after your trainer name. This will make identification of other players easier (for trades, friendship levels, friendly gym battles, etc).

ANDROID: Click the server main section to view all channels (top left button), select the menu button (3 dots up top) and then select "Change Nickname".

iOS: Click the menu button (top left button) and tap the server name. Select "Change Nickname".


We raid in the area generally covered by postcodes 4109, 4112 and 4113. A map of the general area we cover can be found here. Raids taking place just outside of our area may be posted but may not attract much interest. To view other groups and the areas they cover in SEQ, click here.


Local trainers who sometimes use spoofing tools are permitted to join PoGo Sunnybank provided you agree to the following: